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Nizamiye School is a private institution with an Islamic Ethos which offers classes in the foundation, intermediate and senior sector. Classes range from Grade 0 to 12 with an adequate number of learners per class to ensure performance and excellence. The foundation and intermediate phase

Islamic study’s is incorporated in the secular in conjunction with the South African syllabus to ensure that all learners’ needs are met. In addition, Nizamiye School offers learners the privilege of learning two other foreign languages Arabic and (Turkish being optional) and the opportunity to introduce Hifz (memorizing of the Quran, the Holy Book). Access to a complete functional computer room allows learners in the foundation, intermediate and senior phases, the freedom to exercise their time productively.
Our History


To offer all children, a quality education with holistic approach of nurturing and encouraging each child’s moral, religious, physical and educational well-being irrespective of race, religion or background.


1. To develop individuals who are skilled in their fields of study, and are productive and innovative, with a broad worldview and respect for human values.

2. To develop individuals qualified to compete in international arenas and who could successfully represent the Republic of South Africa.

3. To develop a generation with deep knowledge of Mathematical Sciences, Science and Technology who are able to adapt to the requirements of global market place.

4. To lay ground work for the disadvantaged students of South Africa for the benefit of science and technology.


Ethos are formed on a desire to learn, to participate, to compete at the highest levels and fulfill ones potential. The learners are encouraged to achieve in the classroom and to combine this success with involvement in sporting and cultural activities. This balance enables them to be challenged, extended and motivated in many facets of real life, preparing them for their pathway beyond school life


“Education for a better world” and on the crest: “Hikmet, Akil, Kalp” (Wisdom, Mind, Heart)


Book: Represents education and knowledge

Human: Represents humanity with the connection with the Almighty. Right hand, facing up, prays to and in connection with God; while left hand, facing down, gives off and not isolated from the rest of the world.

11 Leaves: Represents 11 values of the school: Respect, Reliability, Responsibility, Loyalty, Solidarity, Unity, Ubuntu, Friendship, Leadership, Compassion and Dignity.

All three elements in the crest form a tree which symbolizes Shajarat al-Tûba which spreads shade for bounty, comfort and protection.


- Respect
- Reliability
- Responsibility
- Loyalty
- Solidarity
- Unity
- Ubuntu
- Friendship
- Leadership
- Compassion
- Dignity
Nizamiye School Al Azhar Institute is an independent primary school and high school in Port Elizabeth and offers both academic and Islamic education from Grade RR (4-year-olds) up to Grade 12.

Emphasizing the importance of passion, compassion and dedication – the essential characteristics of a teacher – and relying on the bestowals and blessings of the Almighty by putting our absolute trust in His grace, we believe that we can achieve the highest levels of success and offer quality education to all our learners.
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