Why Nizamiye School ?

What the school has to offer?

Nizamiye School is a private  institution with an Islamic Ethos which offers classes in the foundation, intermediate and senior sector. Classes range from Grade 0 to 12 with an adequate number of learners per class to ensure performance and excellence. The foundation and intermediate phase

Islamic study’s is incorporated in the secular in conjunction with the South African syllabus to ensure that all learners’ needs are met. In addition, Nizamiye School offers learners the privilege of learning two other foreign languages Arabic and (Turkish being optional) and the opportunity to introduce Hifz (memorizing of the Quran, the Holy Book). Access to a complete functional computer room allows learners in the foundation, intermediate and senior phases, the freedom to exercise their time productively.

Senior phase

Fully monitored boarding facilities are provided as well as activities such as soccer, cricket, tennis, volleyball and basketball. Indoor activities such as chess and a gym will also be introduced.

Primary phase

Foundation – learners make use of the jungle gyms provided as well as the option to join “The Little Kickers group” which deals with physical activities done by professionals in the field. Learners also have the option of joining “The UCMAS Classes” giving learners the opportunity to love, enjoy and excel in their mathematics from an early age.

Intermediate – learners enjoy the same outdoor activities as senior phase learners.


Nizamiye Primary and High school is committed to providing educational excellence by empowering students with the means for success and challenging them to become productive members of society.

Why Nizamiye School ?

1- Qualified & Committed teachers
3- Extra Tutions
4- Participation of Natioanal & International Olympiads
5- Participation of National & International Competitions
6- Quality Islamic & Secular Education
7- Scholarships for Qualified students
8- Teaching & Learning in an Islamic Environment
9- Fully equipped Labs