Foundation Phase ‘Fun Day’

Our foundation phase had a` Fun Day’ on Thursday, 26 January 2107. The aim of the day was to promote a life-long love for learning. We also want our young learners to enjoy school.
We also used the day to highlight the various extra- curricular activities offered in the Foundation Phase. There was a Pottery display, Experi- buddies and Karate presentation. To add to the fun, Mariejie Muller from Experi-Buddies entertained learners with a science show. All the grade 1 and 2 learners clapped and cheered at her awesome scientific demonstrations. The   Grade 3s were more interactive.  They made milk storms with food colouring, made their own bubbles and learnt many interesting scientific facts eg. The first man who made a straw was Marvin Stone. They really enjoyed this science lesson and we hope to have instilled a love for science that will be reflected later on during the year in science expos.
The day also included a movie about the history of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and a dynamic Karate lesson. The Islamia Appas ran a colour-in competition. The winners were:
Grade 1a: Ramla Hussain
Grade 1b: Tayyibah Bhayat
Grade 2a: Sihaam Yusuf
Grade 2b: Amrah Ajam
Grade 3a: Umar Hendricks
Grade 3b: Uzair Abrahams
We in the foundation phase showed our learners that learning is not just `chalk and talk’ but FUN and INTERESTING.
Mrs. S. Ramsern

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